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Zero Footprint Store Opening

Quebec. QC, Canada

Living up to a heritage of good citizenship, Maison Simons turned its innovative eye to the future when time came to update the Galeries de la Capitale location. That refresh transformed into a groundbreaking initiative to build a net zero energy store.

To help celebrate and share the ideas behind the purpose-led initiative, Laso set up hard-hat tours and a media day. But the piece de résistance was an experiential event with 15 eco-vendors in the spotlight, opening the doors to climate thought leaders, inviting them to experience the store next to loyal Simons customers, media and fashion influencers.

Transparency is valuable to the sustainability community. And the trust and openness went a long way in sustaining goodwill and awareness of Simons’ genuine desire to have a positive impact on the future and motivate others to join the mission.

Starting an honest journey towards a healthy tomorrow.

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